A REFOCUS will be offered for 4 weeks from 11am – 12 noon from Jan 13- Feb 3rd  in room 16 for 10 couples.  Refocus is a check up for your marriage, and what better time to do it than now as you begin a new year!  Hillside is honoring marriages and the life long commitment that you have made to each other!  We realize that the health of your relationship takes intention, so for this reason we are giving you a gift to check in with each other on how your marriage is going.  These sessions will also give you helpful tools that will take your marriage to the next step in communication, intimacy and commitment.  Please contact Linda DeMaagd, our Family Ministry and Adult Discipleship Director to let her know you will be coming – ldemaagd@gmail.com or call the church office.

Comments from other couples who have done a REFOCUS

“We have a good marriage, we are committed to each other and wanted to have it stay that way, so we attended the Refocus with a couple who are friends.  We talked about topics that we normally don’t get to talk about and we increased our love and our intimacy because we learned new ways to communicate! I would highly recommend doing this!”

“We have been going through some big changes in he last couple of years with being empty nesters and having some financial struggles.  We did the Refocus because we were drifting apart.. both of us had fears as we did not know what to expect.  The Refocus gave us time to discuss these things and realize that our marriage was a process and that we need to spend time putting it first again”