Fusion is about middle school students being fused with God and with others. We are intentional about creating a welcoming environment where students are able to share in small groups, laugh and have fun with games, and worship and grow through singing and teaching.

FUSION is a place that values:

1 // Large group time We enjoy a time of intentional fellowship

2 // Eating a meal together This creates a perfect space for doing that!

3 // Playing high-energy games This gets our bodies moving and hearts pumping

4 // Worshiping God We engage in biblical teaching and discuss with one another in small groups our observations, questions and prayers







It is crazy to think that twenty some years removed from middle school that I can still struggle with a big middle school struggle. That is the struggle of feeling accepted.

We all have different reasons why we may feel alone or like an outcast, but Jesus breaks down all those walls to show us that He loves no matter what.

In Fusion this Sunday from 5:30-7:30 we will be looking at how some amazing friends literally broke down a ceiling so their friend would be healed. This man's healing though was far greater than physical as we will unpack.

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I hate that every day I am tempted to say and do the things that I don't truly want to say and do. I want to love God and love others, but it is easier to love myself and those that can give me something. This battle with my flesh is frustrating.

I feel like magnet man who's big magnet is pulling him toward sin. The trouble is that I am stuck with this magnet until Christ returns. So how do I navigate each day drawing closer to Christ?

This Sunday in Fusion from 5:30-7:30 we will be looking at this idea.

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We will be talking about temptation this Sunday in Fusion. I think it is interesting to note that Adam and Eve gave into temptation when they had everything. We will be looking at Jesus who did not give into temptation in desert where he had nothing.

Hopefully we or students are not so puffed up to think we can battle temptation and sin on our own.

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