Please pray for Mardi Douma who had a hip replacement on January 15. The surgery went well but she unfortunately developed pneumonia while at the hospital.  She will be going to a rehab facility soon.

Pete Douma was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing tests to determine the extent of the cancer and the path for treatment.

Give thanks that Drew VanderHill has begun attending school again.  His lungs remain clear but he still has pain in his hips which limits him to a wheelchair.  Pray for increased energy and stamina for him along with pain relief.

Gary Douma had a test this week and is waiting for the results to determine the effect of his chemo treatments.

Betty Huizenga is recovering at home and hopes to have a boot placed on her foot on Feb. 22 and then continue to recover in Florida.

Katherine Sikma is dealing with the chemo effects, such as extreme fatigue, and is expecting to have the 4th treatment at the end of the month.

Jan Cnossen is thankful for her steady recovery from surgery, but her doctors continue testing in order to find out the source of her internal bleeding, which tremendously weakens her body.

Please keep all those healing from surgery or dealing with long-term illness in your prayers:  Corey Ford, Joan Opthoff, and Laura Boogaard.

Please keep the ESL team in your prayers as they leave on Friday for Cuba. Pray for safety and a productive time there.

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