Our sympathy is extended to Dave and Barb Berghuis on the passing away of Barb’s father, William VanDyken last week.

We also extend our sympathy to Dale and Betty Slobe on the passing away of their brother in law, John Asma.

Please keep the Dirk & Bev Lockwood and family and Josh & Suzzy Post in your prayers at the passing away of Bev’s mom, Jo Boer, on Wednesday.  The funeral service will be held in Iowa.

Katie Roersma continues her stay at Butterworth Hospital due to the baby she is carrying having a rapid heartbeat.  She has started a new treatment which they hope will lower the blood pressure for the baby.  Pray that this is successful and that she will be able to return home soon.

Steve Brock was diagnosed with cancer at his kidney and urethra. Doctors are looking at possibly removing the kidney.  He will meet on Thursday to discuss treatment options.

Elaine DeJager is now home from the hospital, but she is still on medication for the blood infection.  Pray for continued healing for her and that she can resume her normal activities soon.

Gary Douma has begun chemo treatments. Please pray for mild side effects and that the treatment will provide healing for Gary.

Please keep all those recovering from surgery, or dealing with long-term illness in your prayers: Drew VanderHill, Benjamin Klooster, Sally Miedema, Peter Kline, Betty Slobe, Joan Opthoff, Lora Boogaard, and Amy Zwiep.



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