Please keep Cindy Kohles, a recent new attender at Hillside, in your prayers as she has had further surgery to install a new battery for the upper stimulator that is inserted in her head to help with pain.  Pray that she will heal quickly.

Please keep all those dealing with long-term illness in your prayers:  Laurie Isbell, Bob VerBurg, Joan Ophoff, Steve & Trina Brock, Gary Douma, Sally Miedema, Drew VanderHill, Ben Klooster,  Lora Boogaard, and Amy Zwiep.

Please keep the Hillside Senior High group in  your prayers as they are in Paterson, New Jersey, this week on a mission trip.  Pray for safety for all while they are working and that they will be a blessing to those they meet.

Pray for the Bud family as they are in Romania for a couple of weeks.  Pray for traveling safety for them and that their time spent with family will be enjoyed.

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