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Hillside's Prayer Guide // Daily Calendar


Suggestions for an Hour of Prayer

Praise - 10 minutes


  1. Read Psalm 104.
  2. Play a praise song.
  3. Praise God for being your Portion, Redeemer, Protector, Father. Praise him for his grace, mercy, love, kindnesses, and justice.

Thanks – 5 – 10 minutes

Suggestions :

  1. Thank God for every blessing you have experienced in the last hour.
  2. Thank God for all the leaders and volunteers who will be serving this year.
  3. Write down the names of everyone at Hillside who has blessed you in some way and thank God for these people.

Confession – 5 – 10 minutes


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.55.22 PM“When your sins weigh heavily upon you, come to Me. Confess your wrongdoing, which I know all about before you say a word. Stay in the Light of My Presence, receiving forgiveness, cleansing, and healing. Remember that I have clothed you in My Righteousness, so nothing can separate you from Me. Whenever you stumble or fall, I am there to help you up.

Man’s tendency is to hide from his sin, seeking refuge in the darkness. There he indulges in self-pity, denial, self-righteousness, blaming, and hatred. But I am the Light of the world, and My illumination decimates the darkness. Come close to Me and let My Light envelop you, driving out darkness and permeating you with peace.”

-Sarah Young.

  1. Ask God to bring to mind those sins you must confess.
  2. Pray Psalm 51:10-12 

With a heart cleansed, you are ready to continue.

Supplication - 15 -20 minutes    

Thank God: for the ministry you have chosen to pray for, and the people who are involved in it. If you know the names of people involved, use their names. If you know what their gifts and talents are and what their responsibilities are, thank God for those gifts and talents.

Pray that: God will bless all those involved with health and strength to carry on.

God will help them experience and respond to his love in their lives.

God will keep them faithful in prayer and the reading of His Word.

God will keep their thoughts and will aligned with his.

God will protect them and their ministry from evil.

God will use them to minister to all those He places in their lives.

God will provide the resources they need.

Ask God for the specific requests the leader of the ministry has provided. Thank God for his answers.

As you pray, just be quiet and let God’s Spirit lead you to what he desires you to pray for. Don’t feel anxious if no thoughts come right away


Write a note of encouragement to someone involved in this ministry. Tell them a specific request you brought before God. Either mail it to church or bring it to church and place it in the person’s mailbox. We all need words of encouragement!

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