Aha moments!

Aha moments!

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So recently in Kids Rock we did a friendly competition between the boys and girls for our offering project.  It was a lot of fun and the kids brought in a lot of money for a good cause!  But, there were also life lessons learned.  Competition is great and healthy, but it can also bring out the worse in us.  On the first day, the boys won big!  By the end of the month, the girls were winning and there was a bit of poor sportsmanship going on with both sides.  By the end, I reminded the students that we were talking about LOVE all month and what would that look like even in competition?!  Could we be loving to others if we won?  If we lost?  What does that look like?  On the last Sunday, the winner was announced and the students handled themselves with great self-control which was awesome to see.
Then as we were dismissing from large group, a boy came up to me quietly and said, "You know on the first Sunday Miss Dawn when we won?  Well, I gave some of my candy to the girl in our class."  He had a big smile on his face because we had talked about loving others the way God loves us in our lesson that day.

Sure enough!  His small group leader told me that on the first Sunday the boy opened his bag of Skittles and without saying a word, scooted some of them over to the only girl in his class.

Small character building moments.   Aha moments.
God is working in the lives of our kids and it's amazing.
For His Kids,

Dawn Wierenga

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